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What WE DO

InnoGen Inc. is a woman and minority owned profit innovative company engaged in research and cutting-edge technologies for scientific excellence.

At InnoGen, we are the pioneers of:

  • Hybrid model building of computational and mechanistic models.


  • Venture where nobody else has yet dreamed to tread.


  • Boldly designing products and technology for projects that were once beyond the imagination.


  • Redefine the boundaries of modeling technologies by constantly pushing back the limits of technology.


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Data Modeling

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Predictive Analytics

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The team of InnoGen comprise of Scientists, Advanced Data Analytics, Medical Experts, University Professors, IT and Marketing professionals, driven by the conviction:

  • If we can see invisible, we can do impossible.
  • Invest ourselves heart and soul to transform the projects we imagine into reality.
  • Trace our future road with pride, optimism, excitement, and enthusiasm.

Our team consists of:

  • Researchers having PhDs, supervising research, publications, and patents.
  • Advanced management degrees with several years of managing
  • Expertise in Genetics
  • Information Technology
  • Charted Accountant
  • Legal Advisor
  • Computational and Mechanistic Modeling
  • Consultants from Harvard University, Fred Hutch and Duke University
  • Collaboration with Universities/Non-profit Research Organizations
  • Medical Professionals with several years of experience
  • Qualified Dieticians and physical trainers
  • Business Development Specialists
  • Experienced Marketing Analysts
  • Economists


  • Develop computational and mechanistic models ensuring precision and accuracy.
  • Reduce cycle time of products and processes.
  • Develop, manufacture and market cutting edge and analysis technologies that increase productivity.
  • Seamlessly create, simulate, verify, and collaborate with the society.
  • Enhancing their turnaround times and profitability.

Value Statement

  • Innovation
  • Scientifically spearheading problems related such as epidemics to serve mankind and live healthy lives.

Digital app

“The new variants of COVID-19, growing dangers of AIDS, and recurrences of different cancers are increasingly become threat to humanity. The hybrid modeling of computational and mechanistic that we plan to develop has not only the potential to forecast outbreaks more accurately owing to both precision and accuracy but would lower the time to develop these products drastically,” said Manu Gujral, the Chairperson of InnoGen.

This is advanced modeling leading to digital App

  • Our tool will be built as in previous Spikes i.e. Research trials for IT using technical stack as Java, Python to predict the strength of antibodies to fight antigen such as Corona, Cancer, and other epidemics. 
  • It will help understand the need of medication or vaccines.
  • It will not only generate a huge commercial market but also serve the people.


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The path to technological innovation is paved with obstacles. Yet this is the path we have chosen, and we follow it with perseverance, ambition, and assurance.

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